About the Band

Music is Life and life is a folly while the pool reflects the life that surrounds it, and so it is that our music reflects our lives.

Folly’s Pool is a strange name for a band from Fresno, California, or from anywhere else. But it has its roots in the days of youth during the early 1970’s. The derives from Carlos Castaneda’s book “The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way Of Knowledge. Doug Carlson the founder of Folly’s Pool had read the book and came up with the name for his new band. A band focused on original music that would reflect the world we live in, Folly’s Pool.

The Early Years

Since 1974 and it’s founding, Folly’s Pool has created hours of original songs, played in venues from the Wild Blue Yonder to the Troubadour, Opened for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, the Scorpions, James Taylor, and Bonnie Raitt, Developing a following that is mostly in California but now across the world thanks to internet radio, Folly’s Pool continues to create music and release albums.

The original band was founded by Doug Carlson along with his brother Jeff Carlson. Steve Ono on Bass, Jim Arhelger on drums, Danny Jordan on flute, and the incredible Larry Ohl on guitar. Shortly after Jim Reap replaced Steve on Bass and Jeff Bryon replaced Jim on Drums and add a new vocalist which enable them to get their eagles like four part harmony. The band went onto perform frequently at Fresno State They won the local Battle of the Bands competition and produced two singles, Fallen Pony and Just A Memory.

Self Titled

In 1976 they released their debut album the self titled Folly’s Pool. Two songs from that album received considerable air play in California, Fallen Pony and Just A Memory. Shortly after the release, Danny Jordan left the band and soon after so did Jim Reap. Todd Maroot stepped in on base but after a year of touring was replaced by Duane Ransome. During the early 1980’s this band was sold out every night of the week in clubs throughout California. There are lots of bootleg live recordings from this era.

Bathing Caps Required

In 1987 the band created it’s second album, Bathing Caps Required with another change of personal. Doug, Jeff still were the basis along with Larry Ohl and Jeff Bryon but keyboardist Darrell Devaurs joined the group. Single Mans Suite and Could You were the two singles from this album and the group continued to tour through California.

The Modern Years

Road Through Independence

Like ripples on a pool of water, life changes faces too and the the turn of the millennium was spent having families and settling down. But music is in our souls. and Doug began to write again and back to the studio under the direction of Ray Haney Doug and Jeff crafted a new album Road Through Independence that was released in 2008. The title track along with ChinaTown received lots of local radio play.

Out of a Dream

In 2012 Doug and Jeff along with Warren Lewis decided to do another album and together created the 2013 release Out Of A Dream. In addition to Doug and Jeff, Jeff Bryon added drums and vocals, Jon Bennett provided the bass and the infamous Tony Craig played a multitude of guitars. two Music Videos were produced, Josephine and Duster which also received significant airplay.

Pay the Price

After doing several live shows it was time to buckle down and go back to the studio. December 1, 2016, Folly’s Pool released it’s fifth album Pay The Price. Dennis Moebes on drums and Darrel Devaurs on keyboards joined along with Jon Bennett on bass and the inimitable Tony Craig on guitar. Special guest artists on this recording are Ray Haney on fretless bass playing on Virginia, and Jeffrey Bowman on Cajon and percussion playing on Fallen Pony and Sleepy Town. While the songs on this album will make great live set pieces, we used the the technology of the studio to produce each song to highlight its inherent emotion. From the giddiness of Mad Saloon to the anger of SleepyTown to the love of Eye Of A Storm, this album is a true reflection of our lives.

Folly’s Pool has evolved over time, but the consistency of Doug and Jeff Carlson have kept this idea alive that music is life and life is a folly and they are the pool that reflects the life around them.